Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mickey Shoes

I'm not a Disney freak. I swear. But I am surrounded by them and peer pressure is a real thing. Perusing Pinterest has got me planning a million different things to try. Here's one, my Disney shoes. Vintage Mickey and Minnie hand painted! Size 8 and I haven't worn them yet....but I can't hold out much longer...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Critter Scarf

Kids scarf made from old sweaters. It has a feathery tongue and the mouth is a puppet! Christmas presents this year!! More critters to come, and if you want one for Christmas, let me know which critter you want, these are only $7!! I have too many old sweaters lying around, they need to be used!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Crochet Hat

Yay Halloween! If you know me, you know I love it. And I love crocheting, especially now that someone's July birthday present is done. Long projects probably just aren't my style. They just take too....long. Then I get bored and they take longer. Then you get your present completely out of season 3 months late. Anyways, hats are faster. So here's my first Halloween hat! Don't you just love my model?? Can I use him for all seasons?

The Cake

Chocolate cherry vanilla, pretty tasty for a gussied up box cake. Looking good so far!
Here is the recipe for the second half of the cake, gfdf vanilla pound cake

So I guess I never posted this...sorry! Let me put some final pics in and be done with birthday posting!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yummy Food

So many things going on in my kitchen! Today we rolled the chocolate peanut butter cake pops and I just pulled out the most amazing gluten/dairy/corn free peanut butter cake for the allergy friendly cake pops. This is delicious, so much better than my gfdf sugar cookies. They sort of taste like dinner.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vintage Luau Tablewares

I'm having so much fun! In vintage luau fashion, here are some pics of the eating utensils. I did find some flower decked, non bright enough cups for the grown ups to sip out of. I made the kids out of smaller $ store cups and each has their own vintage Hawaiian picture. I think they are so cute, I found a great website that puts the pics on postcards and other stuff. Here's a plug since I feel a little guilty using all their awesome photos without actually buying their stuff: I also printed some of the same images on stickers for the plates. The plates are recycled cardboard and stuff (probably made from corn, which is funny only if you're me) and therefore a little brown like cardboard. They already match great and make me feel all green and stuff, too.
My napkins were on clearance at Party City, straight out of the luau section, and the "silverware" is also green/corn/etc so it also has that natural feel. It was very time consuming to wrap it all up, but I love them! The basket is $ store, and the raffia, which has so far tied all my cards and all my silverware and isn't even half way gone, was also from the $ store. Talk about stretching  a buck! Makes me feel better about spending more on the recycled stuff. Why does green stuff cost more?? so annoying.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Birthday Party

So here is the big reveal, the  baby's first birthday party theme. I love parties, expensive, every little detail counts kind of parties. I do try to be as thrifty as I can on all the details, and darn it, I feel like sharing how I did it all. So the big reveal......drum roll...... Vintage Luau. Oh ya. Like some old school Hawaiian surfing ladies and no bright colored flip flops and beach balls. Theres nothing wrong with it, just not for this party.
I'll start at the beginning with invitations. I found beautiful, fancy wedding invitations on clearance, 30 for $10. Not too shabby, and half the work is done already. I put back $15 worth of scrapbook paper and these are super fancy. Plus I can use the rsvp envelopes for thank you cards later. I used the rsvp cards to print my handsome baby's photo on. Check em out.
And I tied the card in raffia instead of the brown ribbon that came with the cards to add some beach flair, though didn't get a pic of it, sorry.