Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crochet Headband

I had a tiny bit of sparkly yarn left over and thought I'd give an earwarmer headband a try. My sister in law had a beautiful one she got somewhere and I thought, "hey, I could make that!" It turned out quite different but it was easy and I thought pretty darn nice if you happen to have chilly ears. I made it to fit my head to give to my SIL, but my niece walked in and seemed to enjoy it. She was much cuter in it anyways.  My SIL did end up wearing it to work and people loved it. I was so excited that a few even asked for one. We came up with $8 for the price of it, so if you want one, I can "hook" you up! Get it? Hook? Like crochet hook? I am so funny.
Here's what it looks like on your head:

And buttoned up (the button goes in the back)...
And layed out...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Hat and Scarf Set

Sorry I'm so late with posting Christmas presents! But I am quite proud of the amount of work I actually finished for present time this year. I know people had their doubts, but the 10 million hour car ride to Texas greatly helped in completing things. This set is for my other niece. The scarf is knitted with size 87 needles. Seriously, they're like tree trunks, cuz knitting tends to hurt my knuckles with any smaller size needle. However, I think my large needle size sort of screwed up what the pattern was supposed to look like. It really is supposed to have random holes and what not, but the pattern picture (completed in needles much smaller) looked quite different than my finished project. Oh well, I still liked it enough and my knuckles were saved. The yarn is awesome and has sequins. I technically bought it for me but that was silly considering what time of year it was.

The hat is crocheted. It looks pretty much like the picture and I even altered it a tiny bit to be a tiny bit smaller. I am super proud. This hat also has a ribbed bottom like the red one I did for my sister, and it is hilarious how different it turned out. I was actually able to see my stitches and count them and follow the pattern! I swear everything I learned was from doing that red hat. My dear sister actually sent me a picture of herself wearing it!! I love you!! Despite all the technical errors she is (at least pretending) enjoying it.  Anyways, I like this hat, maybe someday I'll go back and buy more of this yarn and make one for myself.  Maybe.