Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Final Steps

Well, my quilt is done and in use, but since I left so many steps and pictures out while I was at my mom's here goes a history post to let you know how I got to the end...
Picture of my batting hanging to dry. This took remarkably long to do, despite it being pretty thin. Probably 48 hours-ish.
I sewed my edges onto the front sheet first. Just thought it seemed right. I cut 3 edges so that they folded over. The last had to be sewn together. I wanted this to be on the bottom. OF COURSE I did not leave extra seam allowance here and had to manipulate the sides to meet up with this one.

And, my very first 45 degree corner cut on the top edge was the wrong way. Fixing it meant I did not have enough fabric and had to patch a piece in the middle. This was now my bottom and the sewn edge is on top.

This is pinning the batting onto the front sheet. Apparently something was not square, either the batting or my quilt, I'll let you decide. There is a Frankenstein fix where the uneveness meets.

Here's my biggest accomplishment so far: I finished an ENTIRE spool of thread! Had to go buy more. How many people can say that? I'm sure millions of quilters and other crafters worldwide, but until now, not me.

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