Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Finished Quilt!

I suppose I didn't really finish by the birthday party, but I was very close. Everything was pinned in place, but my last two days were spent making the cake; yet another crafty urge of mine. I brought it home from my mom's with pins in it where we stayed at a friend's for two days to watch her dog while she was out of town and the hubby finished up the train bed. I finished it at her house and we even used it our second night there. It was ready by the time we got home to see the new bed, and that's what really matters. So, drum roll please...

I'm happy with it! Here's a close up of the train, my original from over a year ago!

And of course some props to my husband for all his hard work on the bed. He drew the plans up himself and built everything. If anyone needs a train bed, I know just the guy to call. Our two projects look great together, though not in this particular photo.

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