Saturday, July 3, 2010

My First Farmer's Market

So, I've had a horrible week. My dog died this week, and I've had her for only six short years. I spend at least 22 hours a day with her, and she is by far the highlight of my two-year-old's days. I can not explain how much it hurts to loose her, and how angry I am that my son will never remember his puppy and how much he loved her and she loved him, and how much fun they had together. She was the perfect dog for him.
I have to stay busy to keep from all out bawling in front of my son, who doesn't understand that his puppy is dead. So... I stayed up till the wee hours baking cookies. I'm focusing on the 4th of July and have one wedding bouquet in hopes that someone will walk by that happens to need a last minute wedding gift. It's a large gamble, I know, but I don't know how else to get my products out there for people to order stuff. I'm hoping this blog will be the beginning of that. Then I woke up extra early to get the bouquets finished and stuff together. I was far from ready, and did not have barely enough things to get my money back, but I had to get out and do something away from my dog-free home.
I get the kid loaded, stuff loaded, lunch packed, blow a kiss to my sweet puppy's fresh grave and cry all the way to the farmer's market. When I get there, wouldn't you know, they've decided to close it down as they aren't making any money there. Keep in mind, I've been emailing this guy and he said to come out anytime, no reservations or anything required. He's just standing there telling people to go away, that's as professional as his decision to close was. I have at least $50 of stuff in the back about to go to waste. I can't use the cookies next month when he thinks he'll reopen. The money I spent on 4th of July paraphernalia is null and void, unless I'm doing the same thing next year. I'm a little angry. My heart is already broken. And he won't let me into the other farmer's market as they are focusing on veggies not crafts (that's BS, I've been there and bought cupcakes, cookies, and nuts... I have a sweet tooth or two). Back to the drawing board. At least I have a lot of cookies to eat to help get me through another day without my dog.

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