Thursday, July 15, 2010

Other Ventures

I'm still trying hard to avoid work and dirty eyes from my husband for avoiding work. Here's some other ventures I'm trying out:

I am waiting to hear if I got into nursing school this fall. I want to become a midwife someday, but I'm letting Uncle Sam pay for school, so that means going about it the hard way... through nursing school. Until that day, I am a doula, with only 2 births under my belt, neither of which I was paid for. That's fine, I needed and loved the experience, however, I was hoping for more by now. I am also expanding my doula-ness to include pregnancy counseling. I have always loved health and fitness, and want to focus that on keeping pregnant moms healthy. So far it seems there is no interest in that. I'm still 0 for zip on visitors to my website, calls from my car magnet and business cards. I need help! Here, tell your friends...

So, wonder why Uncle Sam pays for my school? I spent six years in the Navy. I was a photographer, and it was awesome! Just not as awesome as being a mom, so I got out when baby made three. In hopes of using some of my million dollar government training to my own financial gain, I am still a photographer. Again, there's something about me, cuz I'm not a very successful one. I've done some jobs here and there, but nothing substantial and no call backs. Maybe I'm not very good?? I do wish I had a better camera. Mine is a little broken and old, so it makes me just slow enough that taking kids pictures proves difficult, and lighting always seems to change on this thing. Do I pay to get it fixed or just get a new one? Of course I want a new one, but, I need jobs to finance that kind of investment. Again, tell everyone you know...

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