Monday, February 7, 2011

Fitting the Back to the Front

Does everyone suppose this is how the professionals do it?

I told you I was trying diagonal squares on the back. The patterned ones were quite fun to cut. By fun I mean not so much. The red ones are just normal cut squares. So anyways, I used my 9th grade geometery (thanks Mr. Keyserling!) to determine the hypotenuse (have no idea if that's the right term or spelling). a squared + b squared = c squared, right? This horrific math was used to determine how many squares I would need to meet my blanket dimensions. It's working! So weird, but it seriously is about right. Now I'm just laying it out on the front sheet so that I know where I can use the pieces of un-squares (it seems that cutting diagonal squares uses much more fabric, so add that to the fact that I NEVER measure prior to buying fabric and I didn't have enough - go figure!) and know where to sew another one and how big to make it and where to cut it. It will all work out in the end. I promise. I think.

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