Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I have packed up my sewing machine, Cricut machine, and any and all quilting accessories and moved up to my mother's house. My son insisted on having his birthday party up at Grammie's. Thank goodness they have a recently evicted roommate, so I have an entire room dedicated to crafting! I'm so special. I spent a lot of time on the birthday invitations on my Cricut which look like??? trains. Duh. I have presoaked the batting for my quilt and had it shrunk a little I guess. I don't know, it looks huge so I'll have to cut it. Still contemplating on the best way to get it inside the blanket. Maybe I made the blanket way too small? Why would it not fit? Whatever. My husband is back at home busily building away at the most amazing and in-depth train bed one can imagine. By the time we come home, the entire bedroom will be transformed into a train wonderland. How cool is that? Really, really wish I could post pictures. I know my mom has a cord around here somewhere to do so, but she's been moving home office locations so it is currently missing. I, of course, forgot mine. At least I remembered all things quilting related so it may still be finished... hopefully on time! The party is Saturday!

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